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mothsworld asked:

you have no idea how much I relate to your post about going barefoot. its one thing to have a foot fetish. its another to have a barefoot fetish. to get a thrill out of feeling the ground beneath your feet. and see others do the same. I use to sneak out at night when i was a kid (and still do sometimes XD). just the feel the awesome feeling of going barefoot :)


Bro :3
Glad to hear there IS someone like me.
Too bad I don’t get many chances to go barefoot. Don’t have any friends who would like to do it either.
And I’m also scared of everyone’s possible reaction, so it takes a lot of courage for me to take off my shoes and walk among people barefoot. I like places where nobody passes by, or at least it happens rarely.

But it’s ok that people don’t accept it in general, I guess. Feeling of being barefoot wouldn’t be so thrilling if it was widely popular.

Anyway, YAY for everyone who loves to go barefoot! ^^

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